Six Pack/OUPV Course Testing…


Atlantis Maritime Academy, Inc. has USCG approved testing sites located throughout the continental U.S. And the exact location for each test site is listed for registered students in the Student Resources Portal. Once you’ve completed all online course requirements you sign-into the student resource portal and choose the location of your choice for proctored testing. Just that simple! No additional fees or fees to re-schedule. Each student wishing to complete one of Atlantis Maritime Academy’s approved courses is required to pass a proctored pencil/paper multiple choice exam to receive a Certificate of Completion. This Certificate of Completion will be accepted by the Coast Guard in lieu of taking one of their exams for licensing purposes.

If a student fails one or more of the paper final test, he or she may test twice without delay of the failed paper final test. Those who do not pass a test after three attempts they must wait a period of 45 days to retest. The student will be required to complete the entire course prior to being allowed another three attempts at each module. In this case, the student must retest and pass all exam paper final tests.

Testing available each week Monday – Friday. Some locations offer Saturday. (except holidays) you must complete all online requirements before we start the testing process.

There are no additional charges for changing a confirmed proctored test date. All our students will be able to test within their community selected and listed on registration. No traveling long distances to test!

(Students can test for six pack, endorsements and upgrades same day.)

We boast a 98% pass rate since 2009