Assistance Towing Endorsement

iconCourse U.S. Coast Guard Approved

Assistance Towing Endorsement $125 - $99

This course allows the OUPV and Licensed Master up to 200-Tons to acquire a "Towing Endorsement" that permits them to engage in commercial assistance towing services for hire.

Course Subjects Include:

•Towing Safety •Forces in Towing •Towing Equipment and Hazards •Standard Towing Procedures.

This course satisfies the examination requirement for the Towing Endorsement. Students who successfully complete the course will be awarded a certificate that will be accepted in lieu of the standard Coast Guard examination.

Other than passing the our final exam after completing online requirements for  Towing Endorsement course there are no additional Licensing requirements to have this Endorsement added to a Captain's License.


Operating Area :


This Endorsement can be issued for "Great Lakes" waters, "Inland" waters or "Near Coastal" waters. (depending on where you gained your experience)




Test is usually administered at the same time as six pack or 100 Ton Master final.

The Assistance Towing Endorsement is for those who hold an OUPV or Master License and would like to engage in assisting vessels for a fee. To "commercially assist" other vessels that may be aground, disabled or out of fuel, or experiencing some other malfunction requires an endorsement for Commercial Assistance Towing.

Following the USCG Towing Endorsement course completion you will be given a written examination to demonstrate your knowledge of assistance towing, safety, equipment and procedures. Upon successfully passing your exam, a certificate will be issued that is recognized by the USCG as satisfying the testing requirements.

Lesson Plan :

  1. Towing Safety
  2. Assessment and Awareness
  3. Risk Management Planning
  4. Forces in Towing
  5. Static Forces
  6. Dynamic Forces
  7. Combination of Forces and Shock-load
  8. Towing Equipment
  1. Towline and Accessories
  2. Messengers
  3. Chafing Gear
  4. Deck Fittings and Other Fittings
  5. Drogues and Other Equipment
  6. Standard Towing Procedures
  7. Pre-Towing Procedures
  8. Towing Astern
  1. Connecting Tow Rig Fittings
  2. Connecting Tow Rig to a Trailer Eye
  3. Transition to Stern Tow
  4. Underway With Stern Tow
  5. Compensating For Current
  6. Shortening the Tow
  7. Towing Alongside
  8. Sinking Tows

Course Prerequisite:

Currently OUPV course enrollment or alumni Atlantis Maritime Academy, Inc student.

At the moment, we are only allowing students seeking their OUPV/Six Pack to enroll. Upgrades and endorsements are in the process of being upgraded to accommodate our new course delivery Learning Management System (LMS). After that is complete, then we must submit the final products to the USCG for their approval. Unfortunately, we must go through this process every five years.
Please ask to be put on our waiting list.
Thanks for your patience during this transition