What Your Tuition Includes

sister24/7 Online Course Access, Course materials shipped directly to you within 48 hours of course activation.

All navigational supplies provided!

Course Study Guides

Home Study Flash Drives of our course modules

Final Examination that we administer at an approved test site in your community.( No Traveling Long Distances).

In addition, Your Official Certificates and Transcripts you will need to include in your application packet

ALL USCG application forms with instructions provided.




Brand new, Weems & Plath  Navigation Set.  ( Included)

The basics for charting and navigation functions are found in the Primary Navigation Set. The set features, Ultra light Dividers for measuring distance, a milled 12" parallel ruler for determining accurate course.$65.99 Value



NOAA Nautical Training Charts  ( Included)

Nautical training charts are outdated nautical charts used for educational purposes in nautical training classes. You will receive three (3) new training charts! Not Copies! This mix of charts that you will receive as part of your course for navigation is valued at  $24.00 per chart. ( $72 value)

#1/TK280sp #2/TK280Tpen #3/TK280noSPCourse Study Modules On USB Flash Drives (Discontinued)

Several years ago, we provided our students, our OUPV and 100 ton Upgrade course modules on CDs. The CDs were really originally intended for our students in most extreme circumstances, like students serving overseas in the military for months on end and our Alaska and students in remote places where Internet access is limited.


Atlantis Maritime Academy is looking to accelerate the deployment of our new course delivery system in July 2016 that will allow students to have online course modules loaded on USB Flashes Drives as a study aid. This Hybrid delivery will help our students study off-line and reduce their time spent online to complete course requirements.


Our first generation of CDs in 2008, allowed students to study course modules and materials off-line. Now, we are preparing to offer our courses on USB drives loaded with the same videos, course modules and quizzes. Reducing the periods needed to be connected to the internet.Our newly developed delivery system will increase course accessibility when your Internet service is slow or unavailable and to minimize technical issues for non-computer savvy students.  

testAll test Fees are included in your tuition!

Each student will take a proctored test in their community. The student has 4 hours to complete the 4 -5 part test and any re-test at no additional cost.


Credit Card Services