Duck Hunting Guides and Outfitters


U.S.Coast Guard Approved

Qualifications for a waterfowl outfitter license:


Q. Does a waterfowl hunting guide need a valid U. S. Coast Guard Captain’s or master’s license to take parties out into the Sea Duck Zone or the Offshore Waterfowl Hunting Zone? 

A. A waterfowl hunting guide, or a waterfowl outfitter performing the duties of a waterfowl hunting guide, must possess a valid Captain’s license or master license in order to take a person hunting in the Sea Duck Zone or the Offshore Waterfowl Hunting Zone.


Who needs a waterfowl hunting guide license?

If guiding from a vessel, a licensee shall possess a valid OUPV license issued by the U. S. Coast Guard. A waterfowl hunting guide is an employee of a waterfowl outfitter and is the individual that provides personal guiding services to hunters. These employees accompany hunters in the blind and perform activities that include calling, dispatching and retrieving downed waterfowl, controlling the times and zones of shooting, and the species and number of waterfowl taken.

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