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Our courses are United States Coast Guard Approved

Online Captains License Classes

Our online coast guard captains license Courses are structured to be attractive to students with a busy schedule or on active military duty. Once you complete the online requirements successfully, we set your test date at one of our approved test locations in your community. We give the test! No USCG Examination. Just that simple!

This online coast guard captains license course applies to an applicant seeking to operate an uninspected vessel of less than 100 gross tons, equipped with propulsion machinery of any type, carrying six or less passengers. Also, known as the " Six Pack " or OUPV - View Lesson Plan : Brochure $499.00

Six Pack - OUPV License

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The 25/50/100 Ton Master Upgrade course provides an opportunity for the student to raise their grade to a Master-level license.This 100 Ton Master Upgrade allows you to operate inspected vessels as well as uninspected vessels to carry more than six passengers.  This option will allow you to operate/captain vessels like headboats, assistance towboats, large passenger capacity tour boats, etc.

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100 Ton Master License

Assistance Towing Endorsement

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This online course can substitute for the USCG examination.  The course is designed to meet all the requirements of the USCG as identified at in Subpart C of Part 10, Title 46, and Code of Federal Regulations.

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Our USCG Captains License Course Objectives:

The overall learning objective of our online coast guard captains' license courses is to provide our students with the knowledge and skills to safely operate an Uninspected or Inspected passenger vessel or OUPV, sometimes referred to as "Six Pack License" within the scope of required federal regulations and maritime laws.

Our courses are United States Coast Guard Approved

At Atlantis Maritime Academy, our online 25/50/100Ton Master, OUPV-"Six Pack", Assistance Towing Courses not only meet current USCG and CFR requirements but also reflect industry needs for competent mariner training. All our courses are FULLY Approved and under the over-site of the U.S. Coast Guard.

Mariner USCG application process: click here

Our Six Pack - OUPV License Test Structures:

We designed our coast guard captains license - OUPV (Six Pack) final examinations and study materials.

We boast a Nationwide 98% "Six Pack" Student Passing Rate! Why, because each student after completing the Captains License course online requirements will be knowledgeable with ALL final test materials. No Surprises!

No Set Class Schedules!

Our online coast guard captains license Course - OUPV - Six Pack license courses are structured to be attractive to students with a busy schedule or on active military duty. Meaning, no set class or test schedules. Study at your pace, complete the online Captains License requirements, then we set your test date at one of our approved test locations nationwide. Just that simple!

Our courses are United States Coast Guard Approved

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